"Boudoir doesn't have to be kinky, but it should be kickass."


We all know that being a woman is hard sometimes (okay, mostly all of the time!) and that loving ourselves and our body is a constant struggle for many of us. Which is why we started a body-positive and artistic boudoir brand. &HELEN was born from a desire to help you see yourself as perfectly imperfect, sensual, badass, and wildly, wickedly, mesmerizingly, intoxicatingly beautiful. Not just as a gift for someone else (though that's totally okay, too!) but as a gift to yourself, to your beauty, to who you are right here, right now

While these are boudoir style sessions, forget about matching negliges and pinup style poses, using a combination of film and digital formats, &HELEN sessions are focused on celebrating your body, your beauty, and the unique femininity exclusive to you, whatever that looks like. Boudoir doesn't need to be kinky, but it should definitely be kickass, so go ahead and rock out in socks and a sweatshirt, your favorite LBD, or nothing at all. We aim to redefine every person’s idea of what boudoir is. Our images aren’t tacky, but will speak to you and your truth and will document your beauty in a real, tangible, and authentic way. 

We want women to open themselves up. To strip down to a few of their favorite pieces - the ones they feel most themselves in - and allow us to make images of them. In their home or in our studio. 
&HELEN sessions also include the option to get glammed up in professional makeup if that's something you desire. Whatever you decide, your session will speak to you and your truth and will document your beauty in a real, tangible, and authentic way.  

We've both stepped in front of a lens and felt vulnerability and fear and insecurity quiver through us like a silent storm. So trust us, we get it. But we promise that you're going to have fun - way more fun that you ever imagined and that when you see your images you'll see the real you. And you will feel powerful, and badass, and beautiful.

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Athena & Nicole